Dry January – A ‘how to’ guide.

What is Dry January

Dry January – A ‘how to’ guide.


What is Dry January? Simple, its a whole month abstaining from alcohol use (or drugs).

For a whole month?

Yes. But Gaz, why would I do that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Dry January is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship with substances and make some positive and healthy changes that hopefully last beyond the first 31 days of the year. Also, studies have shown that even short-term abstinence from alcohol can have an improvement in both our physical and our mental health.

The key to a successful ’Dry January’ is having a plan in place to not only help you reach your goal but to enjoy the experience along the way as well.

So, if you are starting off 2023 with the goal of being sober, here are some ‘how to’ tips:

1. Make goals

Bit of a no-brainer, really, but it’s super important. Decide your goals for the month, write them down or post them somewhere as a physical reminder of your intentions. Not only should you have realistic expectations for yourself, but you should also get your friends and family involved, helping maintain motivation. It can be helpful to declare your plans to others (careful if this is drug use), and it doesn’t have to be everyone. It gives accountability and increases one’s likelihood of following through.

2. Ask for support

By making your goals public to friends/family, you also open a channel of communication and support from them that’s invaluable if needed. Just because you are doing ‘Dry January’ doesn’t mean you have to go to addiction therapy. However, if you find yourself unwell, unable to stop, and it is a more significant issue than you expected, don’t rule out professional help.

Use the people closest to you as a support network to help keep you on track.

Good luck ✊

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