All good things are built upon a solid foundation. 

This is ours.

Our Mission

Arc restores hope and recovers lives through physical activity, therapy and community.

Our Vision

“A society that better understands and addressed the harms caused by substance misuse, where the individuals can access support, they need to recover their lives.”

Our Values

SAFE: We offer individuals and their families a safe and SOBER community where individuals can share their experiences, address common issues, and support vulnerable members.


We provide professional and high-quality evidence-based support service that is grounded in best practices to all its stakeholders.

We use a recovery model that links concepts and theory to practical day-to-day actions.


We foster an environment that is non-judgmental, respecting the dignity of everyone.

We instil hope by building self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.


We provide access to all stakeholders who can benefit from the service regardless of their individual circumstances.
We change public perception by addressing the social stigma related to substance misuse.
We are open to working with other organisations that share our values.


We continuously review and evaluate our methods to improve the outcomes of our education and training.
We seek to learn from each other and build on each other’s strengths and skills.