“Definitely, I was suicidal when I came to ARC, I cant believe I want to go back to work. Exercise is for me.”


“A programme for providing HOPE”


“My mood has improved and anxiety levels are better but still there however the programme definitely gave me a mindful environment to let these go! With the training my motivation has improved as my energy levels have improved.”


“The sense of community in the group is amazing, being with like minded people provided a safe place to train. Also Gary is an incredible person who was always there for support, a chat and also any help.”


“There are many things a person must change to find a good healthy recovery. I believe ARC provides a vital and positive approach to any individual wanting to be in recovery.”


“Extremely effective, definitely found all aspects of my life improving from joining arc and strengthened my recovery greatly.”


“I have found my moods a lot better and any thoughts of cravings etc have become nearly non existent. Incredible programme with incredible people!”


“What really stood out for me was the kindness and individual care Gary has for not only myself but those in recovery with me. His attention to detail ensures that everyone is benefiting from this programme.”


“The training is brilliant and is varied which allowed me to try so many other types of fitness which I most likely wouldn’t have.”


“When i just started the programme my craving for alcohol was rampant in me, but because i was off alcohol for so long i really did not want to relapse. So for me ARC just came at the right time. I had to make a few additional changes to my life and one was coming out of isolation and becoming part of a community. After six weeks my mood has improved from 1 to 8. A bit more confidence even wanting to go back to work which i never thought would happen.”


“Overall it’s been really positive. I’ve liked being with people in the same boat.”


“I am feeling life is worth while and I am feeling more in recovery than I have ever felt.”


“Throughout the programme I felt more in control of my addiction and drug use. By joining the programme and becoming more active I felt more positive.”


“The support I got from the group definitely got me through some of the toughest days I’ve experienced since being sober.”


“I had been stuck for a few months between wanting change and terrified to do it. The programme helped me back into training and being social with people without drugs or alcohol.”


“Life changing. The group really took me in under their wing and I feel like we’re great friends. We can talk about cravings or struggles and not feel judged. Gaz was always very supportive. It’s just been amazing.”


“Gary’s expertise in fitness, and being able to tie this in with recovery was really helpful. The WhatsApp group was very helpful. Everyone stayed in touch. Gary’s motivational messages and ones from other group members were much appreciated at times when struggling.”


“Amazing positive and encouraging and over all my mental health and my outlook on life has totally changed.”


“Before I started the programme I had cravings every couple each day. It has lessened so much since I started that I can’t remember the last time I craved.”


“This was a top notch programme with a super bunch a people, was great to see everyone thriving in the sessions and also encouraging anyone.”