Make Your Donation Count

At ARC Fitness, we believe in the power of recovery. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of individuals working towards overcoming addiction and achieving holistic wellness. To help you understand how your donation can impact our programs and services, we’ve outlined the real-life outcomes your contribution can achieve:

  • £50Community Connection: Your donation of £50 can help fund a community event, bringing partners, parents, and children of those in recovery together for a day of bonding and support.

  • £100 Workshops: With £100, you can sponsor our mental health workshops, which provide essential tools for managing mental well-being.

  • £250Recovery Program: Your generous donation of £250 covers the cost of a place for one individual in our intensive 8-week recovery program, offering them a structured path to healing and transformation.

  • £500Therapeutic Support: A donation of £500 enables us to provide therapeutic support sessions for individuals on their recovery journey, helping them address trauma and build resilience.

  • £1,000Corporate Outreach: With £1,000, we can engage with local businesses to promote addiction awareness and recovery support in the workplace, creating a stigma-free environment.

  • Custom AmountYour Impact: No donation is too small. Your custom donation amount allows you to choose the impact you want to make, whether it’s sponsoring a counseling session, covering materials for our workshops, or supporting our ongoing initiatives.


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Substance abuse affects every part of our society.



It is indiscriminate. It is your family member, your work colleague, your neighbour, people you interact with every day. It has the power to destroy. The human and social cost is counted in broken families’ unfilled potential and shortened lives.

By its very nature, addiction forces dis-connection, from family, work and society. However, Recovery is about re-connection: re-connection to the community; re-connection to purpose and re-connection to hope.


This is where we come in.

At ARC we just don’t to see people in entering recovery, we want to see those people, empowered allowing them to take control to thrive and succeed. More than anything ARC offers hope and Hope is contagious.


You can be part of this!

Please help us so we can continue to give people that hope.
Donating to ARC will help us secure the following:

– Gym Equipment
– Funded Places on the Program
– Sustainability of premises


If you can help ARC Fitness in any way to create something positive for our city it would be kindly appreciated.



Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and belief in this.