Let go of Anxiety

Anxiety definition

“Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future.”


Anxiety is an emotion, expressed through your body’s reaction to stressful, dangerous or unfamiliar situations.

In normal levels, anxiety is a healthy thing, preparing us for for unknown situations by keeping us alert and aware. However, those struggling with anxiety disorders experience high levels of anxiety, know it to be overwhelming, even debilitating interfering with their ability to lead a normal functioning life.

It is common to self-medicate in an attempt to cope with their symptoms. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) estimates that those who suffer anxiety are twice as likely to struggle with substance use as the general population.

According to Psychiatric Times, anxiety disorders have been linked with higher lifetime rates of alcohol use and higher relapse rates after treatment.

The reality is that, alcohol or other drugs abuse actually enhance the effects of anxiety and the  individual gets caught in a vicious circle. Using alcohol or drugs only strengthens the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, in turn leading to increased substance use.

This increase use results in developing tolerance and ultimately to a cycle of substance abuse that leads to physical dependency and addiction.

Understanding WHY you are anxious is important.

Don’t dig a deeper hole.

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