1st Sober Christmas?

arc 1st sober christmas

1st Sober Christmas?

So, you’re just a short time into your sobriety, its going well however you knew this was going to happen eventually. The festive season is here!

The panic of socialising with people when you don’t drink or use anymore can be paralysing. We try to avoid & isolate.

Unfortunately, such avoidance can affect your relationships with friends and family who value your time and company.

Nobody one wants to feel “different” or “odd” and there can be a fear of feeling singled out, of being labeled or talked about, or feeling left out.

Not everyone will know you are in recovery, the people that do have probably shown support and applaud your sobriety.

The reality is that with so many people committed to healthier lifestyles or not drinking or using for a variety of reasons – medication, designated driver, fitness – it’s likely that no one will think twice if you walk a bout with lemonade instead of stumbling over with something else.

In recovery, you work pretty damn hard on identifying your triggers and making new and healthy life choices. If you’re feeling pressure to drink just to fit in or you are getting it “tight” there are several measures you can take to avoid a future relapse.

1. Have a support person.

Let them know the situation. Ask them if they can be on-call in case you need some encouragement.

2. Keep busy.

Instead of sitting about, be proactive, help cook, organise things, and taxi people about. A big thing for me was knowing what was planned and when I make choices that ensured my sobriety and avoided choices that may have jeopardised it.

3. Reflect

After the festivities, take the time to reflect. Identify any new triggers or unexpected emotions. Make a point of congratulating yourself for staying strong and confident. Trust me, each year it will become that little bit easier.

Remember, recovery is for Life – not just for Christmas!

You HAVE survived tougher things than a sober December