What is an Addiction Recovery Coach?

What is an Addiction Recovery Coach?

An Addiction Recovery Coach is a term that covers many different roles. As a coach I believe that I provide invaluable support to people trying to overcome their addictive, compulsive, obsessive and destructive behaviors.

Think of it as a kind of “Life Coach” that focuses on helping people make smart choices and healthy decisions, with the #1 priority being not using alcohol or drugs or acting out in their addiction.

ARC Fitness adds the additional approach of introducing physical activity as a medium for recovery.


Why use a Recovery Coach?

Each year thousands of people In the UK go to inpatient treatment centers in the hope of recovering from physical and psychological dependence of substances. These programs provide a safe, structured environment for learning and developing a new, healthy and satisfying way of living.

While “treatment” can be difficult and challenging, (Amen), Some of the most difficult times for an individual attempting recovery is often within the first weeks after leaving treatment.

Although the person begins to change through the process, unfortunately the world continues to spin. Returning home, familiar sights like pubs, off-sales, drug dealing hot spots can be triggering, while the realities of day to day life—job pressures, financial pressures, family tension, — can all become quite overwhelming.


This is when ARC Addiction Recovery Coaching can be most helpful.


Encouragement, Guidance, and Support

The path of early recovery can be treacherous, addiction recovery coaches can help individuals in recovery navigate the treacherous path of early sobriety. As an Addiction Recovery Coach, I work with people to help them establish habits and behaviors that encourage and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. I also promote the connection to a recovery community that helps them find the resources they need to support their sobriety.

ARC Fitness provides this through the medium of physical activity within a sober active community. By modelling healthy behaviours, positive life choices, encouragement and reassurance it allows people to find their own niche in the recovery world, reminding and encouraging them to have fun and explore new activities that are both healing and supportive.


As a Recovery Coach I am not an AA sponsor. However, I feel I possess many of the characteristics that a good sponsor has, however at ARC we do much more. I help determine individual goals and recommend more than one suitable option to achieve them. I help and support people to devise a plan with realistic goals and help keep you accountable to it.


It’s important that a good Recovery Coach leads by example.


I firmly believe ARC does this well.


As a coach, I share what’s worked in the past and what’s working now. I relate on a personal level with the people, meeting them exactly where they are, spiritually, mentally and physically. I feel that I not only help individuals stay sober but importantly show them how to be happy and enjoy their sobriety.

A good Coach can make the difference between staying stuck in an endless cycle of addiction and breaking through to a life of fulfillment in recovery.

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