Recover Together 2024


“Recovery isn’t an individual conquest; it’s a collective effort, a shared responsibility.”


Join the Movement: #RecoverTogether 2024

The Growing Challenge in Northern Ireland
In the heart of Northern Ireland, the challenge of substance use intensifies daily. This crisis isn’t just statistics; it’s about lives—lives that are slipping away, yet are preventable and redeemable.

United by a Common Cause
Substance use has touched every corner of our society, proving that the solution must be as inclusive as the problem is pervasive. Recovery isn’t just an individual journey; it’s a mission that unites us all – from those directly affected to friends, family, health workers, educators, employers, governmental leaders, and advocates.

Our Mission: Collective Recovery

Beyond Shared Experiences
Our recovery communities represent more than shared experiences. They symbolize the strength of collective action, transcending individual battles to encompass a wider network of support and solidarity.

Time to Take Action
Harnessing our collective experiences, the #RecoverTogether campaign is our commitment to ensuring everyone has access to recovery resources—free from shame or judgment. It’s more than a campaign; it’s a movement.

The #RecoverTogether Campaign: A Threefold Call

1. Celebrate:
We celebrate the triumphs and strengths of our recovery communities. Embracing our diversity, we’re building a society that’s resilient and inclusive, with recovery at its heart.

2. Connect:
Recovery is a journey we embark on together. We’re fostering collaborative resilience, encouraging communities to unite in support and understanding. Together, we’re stronger.

3. Create:
Let’s build safe spaces for open discussion about recovery and substance use. From workplaces to social settings, we’re breaking down barriers, and fostering environments that nurture and support.

Stand With Us

#RecoverTogether is not just a campaign; it’s a commitment.
A commitment to celebrate, connect, and create. A commitment to a society where recovery is not just possible but thrives. Where every life is valued and has the support to be reborn.

Are you with us? Join the movement. #RecoverTogether 2024

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Events for 2024

Health Fest NW
Date: April 10th
Location: Millennium Form
Opportunity: Main Sponsor, Booth Spaces, Workshops

3k Colour Dash
Date: June 15th
Location: Destined, Foyle Road
Opportunity: Race Kits, Branding on Merchandise, Finish Line Sponsor

Recovery in Motion Conference
Date: September 10th
Location: Millennium Form
Opportunity: Keynote Sponsor, Exhibition Stand, Branding

Recovery Walk NI
Date: TBC
Location: Ebrington Square
Opportunity: Walk Leader, Refreshment Stands, T-Shirts and Banners

Additional Events:
Pop Up Fitness, Coffee Nights, Community Sessions, Awareness Days
Opportunity: Event Host, Location Sponsor, Promotional Material Sponsor


3K Colour Dash